Shepard runs write-in campaign

By Terri Hallenbeck | Burlington Free Press Staff Writer | October 28, 2008
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Mark Shepard, who lost the Republican primary for the U.S House two years ago to Martha Rainville, has dug his old signs out of the basement and launched a write-in campaign.

Shepard, a former state senator from Bennington, said the bailout package Congress recently passed drove him to act. "I'm throwing myself out there as an option," he said.

Rep. Peter Welch, a Democrat who defeated Rainville two years ago, is running for re-election and this time has also won the Republican nomination. Five other candidates are also in the race.

Shepard said the $700 billion bailout package won't solve the underlying problems that led to the credit crisis and that he thinks Congress, including Welch, acted out of fear rather than reason. Congress should instead address the faulty lending policies banks used and look at removing the capital gains tax to stimulate the economy, he said.

Some of Shepard's 2-year-old lawn signs are dotting roadsides around Burlington, among other places. He acknowledged a write-in campaign is the longest of long shots. "I'm not measuring the drapes," he said.

Shepard said he voted a couple weeks ago, before the bailout package emerged and before his own candidacy re-emerged. "I didn't vote for me," he said, but cast his ballot for fellow Bennington resident Mike Bethel, an independent.

"... many politicians talk the talk about doing something tangible about new jobs and it doesn't go much further. Sen. Shepard walked the walk."
"Sen. Shepard's big accomplishment, and it is a significant one, lies in the major role he played in bringing the Bennington Microtech Center into being."

Bennington Banner State Senator Endorsement Editorial, October 29, 2004

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